5 Minutes With … Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson
Image courtesy of Jacqueline’s website

Art has long been a passion of mine so you can imagine I jumped at the chance to do my next ‘5 Minute With …’ artist Jacqueline Wilson. Her work is elegantly beautiful and the colours so evocative. I am really enjoying getting this opportunity to chat with such creative business women in Northern Ireland.

I hope you enjoy reading all about Jacqueline and what she does.

Tell me about Jacqueline, the person

I’m a 41 year old mum of two toddler sons with a passion for Art, Interiors and Music!

Tell me a little about your work …

I’m an artist with a passion for interior design. My painting are inspired by our beautiful landscapes and coast and have been described as being vibrant, atmospheric and emotive. I love to advise clients on the best piece to complement their colour scheme in their home or business.

Jacqueline Wilson
Image courtesy of Jacqueline’s Website

What do you consider to be your first ‘official’ painting as an artist?

My first ‘official’ painting was completed on my work experience week with an artist in Carlingford when I was 17! I painted it on location and even framed it myself! It still hangs proudly in my parents house!

Tell me something about you that hardly anyone knows?

I used to be lead singer in an Irish band and toured the world with them, including Italy and Israel!

What is your best quality?

I try to be positive as much as possible

Favourite karaoke song?

“Angel” by Sarah Mclachlan is my party piece!

If you could meet someone famous, who would it be and why?

Chris Martin from Coldplay – his incredible talent inspires me greatly but his personality oozes loveliness!

Best I could do Jacqueline! – Chris’ image courtesy of BBC America

What is your favourite colour & why? 

Blue – it dominates my paintings as it reminds of the sea and sky and really calms me!

Jacqueline Wilson

Image courtesy of Jacqueline’s Website

Can you roll your tongue?


What’s your favourite word and why?

Inspire – it just resonates with me. My dad inspires me, our landscape inspires me and as an art teacher, I hope I inspire others!

What was your best subject at school? 


Definite happiness … 

Appreciating the love of your family and friends and using your talents to create a life you love!

Jacqueline Wilson
Image courtesy of Jacqueline’s Website

What would you like to be remembered for? 

I would like to be remembered for my colourful paintings making people smile and transporting them to places and memories they cherish!

If you could be any animal, what would you be & why? 

A horse – getting to gallop in the great outdoors, through the landscapes that I love (and be fed sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth !)

What is the last gift that you gave someone?

A pamper package made up of face masks, slippers, wine, hair treatments etc. for my sister on her birthday as she has two little daughters and doesn’t get a minute!

In the news story of your life, what would the headline say?

She believed she could, so she did!

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