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Trish O'Hara

Trish O’Hara features as this week’s Inspiring Business Mum in my ‘5 Minutes With’ blog series. Mummy of one, Trish aka The Acupuncturist, offers a range of services from her integrated clinic. She uses a combination of acupuncture, massage, nutritional guidance and heat therapy to treat clients’s conditions. Read all about her amazing work, how she relaxes and Jason Momoa ….

Tell me all about Trish & what makes her tick?

My name is Trish O’ Hara, Mummy to Grace (6) and long term partner to Michael. I consider myself lucky to have found my vocation in life as an acupuncturist. It is something that I fell into many moons ago when my life lacked any kind of direction or purpose. Acupuncture literally saved me from a extremely self destructive path, which is why I’m such an advocate today.

Hmmm, what makes me tick?! Empowering people. I love seeing others flourish and step out of their comfort zones, so I always want to help people get there. Others can find wonder in beautiful surroundings, space and the world around.

I’m awed by people, we are capable of such incredible feats. My good friend once teased me by saying ‘Aw Trish, you think everyone is wonderful’ and I mostly do. It’s the one thing, I wouldn’t change about myself. The ability to get super excited about the small obstacles that people have overcame and know they have just climbed their own Everest. These small miracles are everywhere, you just got to open your eyes and see. Let people inspire you, we all have so much potential.

I love your new name ‘The Acupuncturist’ – tell me a little about your business & the services you provided …

Trish O'Hara

Thank you! I’ve been an acupuncturist and acupressure shiatsu therapist for over 15 years. After completing a degree in acupuncture and Western Bio Medicine (pathology of disease), I co-founded an affordable acupuncture & teaching clinic in Notting Hill, England with my good friend Laura. It was really popular with the local residents.

From there, I was offered a post with the occupational therapy team at Westminster City Council. My wee family moved from England back to Northern Ireland in 2017.

I operate from my clinic in Belfast every day apart from Tuesday, when I am based in Derry at Define Aesthetics (opposite Foyleside). I support people with a wide range of illnesses and conditions. Fertility, pain relief, mental health, musculoskeletal disorders & invisible illnesses. I also provide facial acupuncture for anti-aging, scar reduction and acne.

What is your favourite place to meditate & why?

Interesting fact, I used to practice Buddhism. I like to meditate anywhere, no preference on place but on the ‘how’. As a hyperactive person, I need meditation which involves movement usually Tai Chi. Never have been one to sit still in my own head.

A lot of people struggle to meditate as they believe we need to sit quietly to do it. I don’t! To me, meditation is allowing myself to get into a trance state, preferring sound, repetition and movement to get there. I meditate through actions like brushing my teeth, by solely concentrating on the action of brushing my teeth and bringing my attention back to brushing whenever my thoughts go elsewhere.

If you were a salad dressing, what would you be & why?

French dressing! My partner’s French 😂 I’ll leave that one there.

What is your favourite essential oil?

Geranium for it’s superb ability to balance female hormones. During fertility treatments with me, I combine acupuncture with a deep tissue abdominal massage to move stagnation of old blood and energy. It’s fantastic, mixed with massage oil.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

X-men Quicksilver with his lightening speed.

What is the best success story that you have ever had?

Literally when we moved back to Northern Ireland in 2017, the day before I started to miscarriage at 6 months. It was a difficult start to our new beginning. Having worked with so many women going fertility treatments or who had miscarriages, I previously thought that I got the pain and suffering until it happened to me. It put me into a whole new level of understanding but also dedication.

Previously I had about a 70% success rate with helping women become pregnant with the use of acupuncture, statistically very good within my field. Since this has happened I am now at 90-100% success rate with my fertility clients. It has changed me profoundly as a practitioner, I leave nothing to chance. 2018 – 2019 has been one success after the other, with every positive pregnancy test.

Trish O'Hara

If you could meet any celebrity, who would you love to meet & why?

Jason Momoa. What’s not to like plus the man can speak to fish! I’m a Pisces 😊

How would you describe your job to a child?

Dr Boo and her magic pins (coming to a book store near you – only kidding)! My daughter and me have already created a wonderful world for Dr Boo, she treats lots of wonderful mystical creatures and learns some valuable life lessons along the way.

Favourite fairy tale?

The Little Match Girl

Trish O'Hara
Trish O’Hara – The Acupuncturist

Who would play you in a movie?

Jason Momoa’s wife (just saying)

Are you a hunter or gatherer?


What would the title of your autobiography be?

The Acupuncturist

How would you describe the colour green to someone who cannot see?

I would take them to a glorious Irish field on a dewy day, and ask them to breathe in the air and to feel the grass. This is green.

Motto that you live by?

This too shall pass

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