Could you recommend a Wedding Videographer?

Wedding Videographer

Welcome to week 3 in my blog feature – How to plan your wedding in 2018!  Hope the wedding planning is coming along nicely.  Remember to stay chilled and organise like a pro!  Most couples who book in with me ask ‘Could you recommend a Wedding Videographer?’  The answer is, of course, Yes!  Having worked with a number of wedding videographers over the years, I am very happy to recommend my favourites to couples and share with you now as well.

Wedding Videography has changed so much over the past few years.  With the introduction of drone footage, enhanced editing skills and a lot more videographers using SLR cameras instead of heavy gear, their styles have developed dramatically.   No more wobbly videos and massive lights (thankfully!)   Which all leads to engaging and imaginative memories of your special day.

Wedding Videographer

How do I choose?

Like choosing your wedding photographer, knowing where to start when selecting your wedding videographer can be challenging.    I always tell me couples the 3 things to bear in mind are the same as when choosing your wedding photographer: –

  1. Do you like their work?
  2. Are they within your budget?
  3. Can you work with them – this one is SO important.  You will be spending most of your wedding day with your videographer and if you don’t ‘click’ then it can prove challenging.  You need to have that rapport and feel at ease with your videographer.  Not everyone connects in life and that’s ok – it would be such a boring place if we all just loved everyone we met.  That’s why it’s so important to actually speak with your potential suppliers to see if the fit is right.

Wedding Videographer

I’ve a few tips that I suggest to my couples when they are shortlisting: –

  1. Research – don’t just go with the same videographer that your sister/cousin/friend selected.  Every couple is different and everyone’s needs/desires are also different.  Whilst it’s a good place to start, have a chat with all your options and definitely look at examples of their work online.  Any reputable videographer will have a YouTube channel or website with a selection of their work.  It’s ok to ask if they have covered a wedding at your venue before and see an example of their work there.  It will give you a feel for what to expect.  When couple’s ask me ‘Could you recommend a Wedding Videographer?’ I am always happy to help but it has to be your decision.  Go with your gut and you won’t go wrong.
  2. What style do you like – cinematic sweeping shots, fun & funky, elegant & classical or emotional & intimate.  This is very important when choosing as you want your video to reflect your taste and you as a couple.  Bear in mind, if you like the cinematic style (lots of drone footage, a number of angles) you need to be prepared to invest more of your time on the day itself.  It takes time to achieve these looks and you will also normally have more than one videographer involved.  It you don’t like fuss and want to spend more time with your friends then this might not be the right choice for you.  The end results are awesome though!  That’s why it’s worth spending time thinking things through before you make your choice.
  3. Details – don’t be afraid to ask what’s included in the price.  What will the end product look like – how long will be last, will it be fully edited, can you ask for any amends and are these included in the price?  Do you get a highlights clip included?  What parts of the ceremony / reception are included?  When you can expect to receive your highlights clip & final wedding film?
  4. Technology – don’t get too hung up on what gear that your videographer is using.  Just because someone has a top of the range camera doesn’t mean they are the best videographer.  It’s better that they know how to use it!  Obviously you don’t want them rocking up with a giant box camera on their shoulder and blinding video light!  When you look at the quality of their work & post-production skills, then you can see for yourself if the fit is right.
  5. Light – if you are having a winter wedding, ask to see examples of their work from this time of year.  Winter weddings can be more challenging due to lack of available light and use of artificial lighting, so that’s why it’s important to view work that will be representative of what you might expect to receive.  There is no point viewing a summer wedding with glorious sunsets on a beach if you are getting married at Christmas time when it gets dark at 3.3opm!

Recommended Videographers

Christopher Ward Films

CMP Productions

PigMint Films

Motion Media

Timeless Productions

PG Videos

Story of Eve

Cinematic Tide

So there you have it!  Some of my favourite wedding videographers that I’ve worked with recently.    I’m sure I’ve left a few out (sorry folks – so hard to remember everyone so please don’t be offended if you aren’t included).    In next week’s feature, I’ll be looking at Make-up Artists!   Can’t wait.  Love & light, Catriona x

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