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Yellow Rose Holistic Therapies Dungannon Annamarie McAleer

Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature, my new blog series highlighting local businesses in our area. First up, the talented Annamarie McAleer from Yellow Rose Holistic Therapies.

Based in Thomas Street, Dungannon, Annamarie offers a wide range of holistic treatments. These include Reiki, Reflexology and various types of massage. Annamarie specialises in promoting self awareness and healing with a focus on the management of anxiety.

Find out more about this Inspiring Business Mum below ….

Yellow Rose Holistic Therapies Annamarie McAleer

How did you decide on your Business Name?

The name of my business is dedicated to my late Father who passed away in 2012 from a brain tumour. I wouldn’t be on this journey if it wasn’t for him and his continued support. The yellow roses meant something to us both so it seemed appropriate that I honour our journeys.

What is your favourite treatment to provide for clients?

I love carrying out all of my treatments, however reiki will always be my baby. It started me off on this amazing journey and I absolutely love the healing that my clients receive from it. It truly is an amazing treatment.

Yellow Rose Holistic Therapies Annamarie McAleer

Who inspires you?

Wayne Dyer has always been an inspiration of mine. When I started out on my Reiki path, I always remember my tutor Naomi introduced me to his movie “The Shift”. It blew me away and from that moment on, I have continued to be inspired by his uplifting words. I have learnt so much from this man. He is my rock!

Wayne Dyer – Image Credit

Tell me one fact that very few people know about you …

I was bullied at school. Primary school was very tough & challenging. Looking back now I am thankful for it all. It learnt me a lot. What not to accept in various relationship roles, self worth & how to value myself. It made me a strong independent woman and I can survive it alone!

It is the root cause of my empathy in later life. When you know how something feels you can relate to what a person is going through. I’ve used my experiences to shape me in a positive form and help others.

Describe your perfect day?

Up early, pack the car, head to the beach, lie in the sun, build sun castles with the boys, play in the water, collect pebbles and shells. Have a totally chilled out day by the sea, breathing in that cleansing sea air. Nature is therapeutic and no better place to be than the beach.

Define contentment?

It’s the simple things in life. Knowing my children are healthy and happy. Seeing a smile on any of their wee faces is just contentment to me.

What song do you sing when you are alone in the shower?

That’s a tough one! My music taste varies beyond belief. I love Robbie Williams so we will stick with that 😉

Describe Yourself in 5 words only?

Strong, Kind, Intelligent, Forgiving & Independent.

Name something that everyone should do at least once in their lives

Forgive someone who has never apologised to you. Let it go. Your future self will thank you for it.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Both. I wake up full of the joys of spring. I love the mornings, especially listening to the birds. Love to feed them and watch them eat. Soul soothing. However, I am also a night owl. Night time is when my creativity comes to life and ideas are born.

What’s your favourite book?

Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life. This was the first spiritual book I read and it had an immense impact on my life. I still have it and re read it every so often. I would highly recommend it.

Name one thing that takes you back to being a primary school?

This is strange you ask because only last night I saw something on Facebook and it took me right back to my primary school. It was a game we played – What time is it Mr Wolf. I could actually remember the very spot we played it – the noise, who was there. It was like I was reliving the moment.

Is you were a crystal, which one would you be & why?

Black tourmaline – great for protection and blocking negative energies. Wouldn’t be without it.

Black Tourmaline – Image Credit Aliexpress

As a child, what occupation did you want to take up?

I wanted to be a nurse. However, I’m a little too sensitive for blood so that had to change. I feel that my current role has similar healing principles and to be fair, when I was a child I didn’t know what an holistic therapist was.

Would you rather have the chance to re-live a week from the past or visit a week in the future?

Relive a week from the past. Obviously I would want that week to be with my Daddy. A great loss in my life. Would be nice just to see his face again or hear his voice. I wouldn’t change anything.

Things happen just as they are meant to and with every great loss, the pathways lead to future fortunes.

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