Friday Feature – Donna Mitchell

Donna Mitchell
Donna Mitchell, Man O Man Dungannon

Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature where I chat to Donna Mitchell, owner of Man O Man barbers in Dungannon. This is the latest blog post in my series featuring local businesses in the area.

Donna offers a range of services from scissor cuts to skin fades to beard trims in her salon. She is based in Georges’ Street, Dungannon and you can book in by calling her on Tel: 028 8772 5674

Man O Man Dungannon

Tell me about Donna, the person

Strong, independent and always puts others first

How did you decide on your business name?

A friend came up with it from the tv show which was on years ago

Donna Mitchell Man O Man Dungannon

What is your most popular style/cut?

The fade cut is popular at the moment as all the young ones want it but it could all change at any time. It just depends what new style the next famous footballer has

Man O Man Dungannon

What website do you visit most often?

For work, it’s Salon Services. Personally, for my own shopping it would be Amazon or eBay

What’s the best way to start the day?

Getting up early and going to gym for 6 when everyone else is asleep

What’s your favourite colour & why?

Have always liked red. Don’t know why, just have always loved it

What are you most likely to become famous for?

I don’t think I’ll ever be famous but it would probably be on a poster for most wanted lol

Describe the perfect night out …

Nice relaxed meal with family

What’s your favourite day of the year?

I love Easter Sunday as it’s more relaxed than Christmas. I have a few days off work and doesn’t cost a fortune

Dungannon Barber

What’s the most annoying question that people ask all the time?

Any holidays planned this year?

What risk is worth taking?

Any! If you don’t risk it for a biscuit, you’ll never get to know how far you can go in life. What’s the worst that could happen?

Who is your most interesting friend & why?

My running buddy called Roisin – she is absolutely hilarious and always makes you laugh

What do you spend the most time thinking about?

I’m always thinking of my family – what they are doing and hoping that they are all ok

What’s the title of the current chapter of your life

Getting back at it! I haven’t been able to go to gym from August as I hurt my back but finally managing to get back for some training

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