How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

Where do you begin?  The task can be overwhelming, exciting, exhausting and confusing.  But the good news is,  it doesn’t have to be with my help.

I’m here to give you some tips on things to keep in mind when choosing your gown, offer some practical advice and help guide you on where to shop for the perfect dress.

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

The Dress Outline

Whilst we all probably have a fair idea about what type of silhouettes are available, I thought I would share some very useful image graphics that I spied on Rock My Wedding‘s website.

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

Think Fabric

There are now an array of fabrics to choose from for your gown.  Whilst there tends to be trends every year, do feel that you have to fit in with the crowd.  My advise on this from a practical point of view would be to choose a fabric that you feel comfortable in, that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is flattering for your body shape.

Satin – this is smooth, shiny finish to your fabric and can be heavy, depending on what the main fabric is made from.  Whilst Satin might look very pretty when your dress is hanging on the rack, it shows off every *teeny tiny* lump & bump.  Not the most forgiving.   If you have a long journey in a car between ceremony & reception venue, it also won’t take too kindly to being sat in a car for an hour & a half.

Lace – there are SO many varieties of lace to choose from around the world.  A lot more practical in my opinion that satin and can be very flattering.   It’s timeless & adds a touch of grace to your gown.  The most popular types would be Chantilly (detailed, open lace with a defined border), Alençon (features bold motifs on the net and trimmed with cord) and Venise (heavier with more texture).

How to find the wedding dress of yo 2ur dreams

Chiffon – This is a light woven fabric that is particularly sheer & lightweight.  It’s often layed up because it is so light & is commonly used as an overlay over denser fabrics.   It gives a subtlety to your gown – think of a delicate butterfly floating down the aisle.  Practically, you need to be a little more careful as can snag or fray.

Organza – This versatile fabric looks somewhat like chiffon but it stiffer.  It’s structured so works well with many fabrics and is perfect for formal outlines.

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

Tulle – Think of the sheer net fabric that tutus are made from and you can recognise what Tulle is.  It’s light and delicate, adds volume & is perfect for twirling around the dance floor.   In the past it would have been used under other fabrics to lift them and give shape, however it is more commonly use now as skirts for the bottom part of your gown.  It’s one of my favourites – you just need watch out that it doesn’t get snagged on jewellry.


How to find the wedding dress of your dreamsGraphic credit: Rock My Wedding

Some quick hints regarding a few of the necklines …

Strapless – great for accentuating a long neck & showcasing a statement necklace

Halter neck – not the most common of choices right now but very flattering style for most brides

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

Sweetheart – timeless and very popular style.  Feminine and romantic, it forms a natural heart shape across your bust, showing a hint of cleavage.  Good option for larger busted brides, as the curves add softness and balance.

Square – the neckline forms a straight line over the bust with two straps.  This is perfect for any brides with curvier hips or if you have a rounder face shape.  It adds balance to overall body shape.

Love Train

The elongated back of the wedding dress is your train and they come in different lengths.  The longer it is, the more dramatic the effect.

How to get the wedding dress of your dreamsImage graphic credit: Rock My Wedding

Some final tips & hints ….

* Don’t be afraid to try something different – maybe have a tulle removable skirt that you can take off after your meal to allow you to move around more easily

* Think about your wedding location & the time of year.  Are you going to be too hot/cold, will your dress restrict your movement in any way and will you feel comfortable in it all day

*Give yourself plenty of time to shop around and order your dress so that you aren’t panicking a few months before the wedding

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

* Don’t be talked into purchasing something that you aren’t happy with.  Your dress should flatter your figure but ensure that you still feel relaxed and content.  Don’t feel that you have to be squeezed into a dress with a corset back if you are a curvier girl.

* If you love to dance, think about the type of dress that you go for.  Opt for something comfortable that allows you to move and that you don’t have to hold up over one arm all night

How to find the wedding dress of your dreams

Thought I would finish off with some of my favourite wedding dress stores and outlets …

Ivory & Pearl

Gibson Bespoke

Archive 12

Blush Boutique

The White Gallery

Dirty Fabulous

Hope you enjoyed this latest post in my series of How to Plan Your Wedding in 2018.  I’ll be back soon with the next installment.

Happy shopping, Catriona x

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