Northern Ireland’s Best Wedding Florists

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

I am priviledged to work with some of Northern Ireland’s Best Wedding Florists as part of my wedding photography.  There is such an array of creative talent out there that couples are definitely spoilt for choice.  I love to see the bouquets arriving on the morning of the wedding – it always puts everyone is such great form when they see the finished article and smell the flowers.  Lots of smiles, oohs & aahs.   It’s when brides finally get to see the bouquet they have envisioned become reality and complete the overall feel of the wedding.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

Choosing your wedding flowers can be a daunting task – there are so many varieties and most of them, I don’t know the name of!  In saying that, I’ve become a lot more well-versed on the matter now that I’ve worked at so many weddings.    My favourites are gypsophilia, freshia & hydrangea.  Wild, rustic flowers are always very delicate and add an ethereal feel to bouquets.  Unfortunately they do tend to wilt somewhat quicker than other flowers throughout the wedding day,  particularly in hotter weather.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

I found a couple of websites with some useful information regarding the names of flowers which you may find useful.

Bride & Blossom – types of wedding flowers

The Budget Savvy Bride – choose wedding flowers in season – lists their names & provides sample images

Why should I use a florist?

Whilst some brides might consider doing their own flowers, I would strongly recommend that you leave it to the professionals.  It might seem like a great idea so that it saves you a few pound but honestly, it will work out so much better in the long run.

Any of Northern Ireland’s Best Florists will listen to what you have in mind in terms of colours, budget and overall theme of your wedding.  They will guide you in the right direction, save you time, help take the stress out of your wedding day and provide floral masterpieces to cherish.

You want your flowers to last as long as possible and look fresh.  This is something that your florist deals with every day and has spent time mastering.   They work long hours the days before your wedding to pull together all the floral arrangements.  It’s time consuming and is not as straightforward as you might think.

Flowers also have to transported on the day of your wedding and that’s another headache that you can do without.  Due to their delicacy, they can be easily damaged so leave the arrangements to your florist who will have the necessary transport and experience to required to ensure they stay safe.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

They also are well used to little emergencies that can crop up and can work miracles to save the day.  I don’t know how many times I get asked at weddings if I can put buttonholes on jackets – I used to try and do it but one too many pins stuck in my fingers means I always suggest that the florist does it before they leave.  I can never get it to sit right anyway – in florists we trust!

How do I choose?

Now that is the question.  Here are a few tips from me – when helping select your florist: –

  1. Choose a few florists and follow their work on Instagram.  This will give you a feel for their overall creative & artistic vision and see if it fits with your taste.
  2. Create a shortlist and arrange to meet them to discuss your vision.  It’s a great idea to bring along some ideas with your – create a Pinterest board, tear out things you like from magazines etc.  They will ask to see your dress so bring along a photo of it as well.  This should help the florist provide you with some ideas and further guidance.
  3. Ask to see examples of their work from a variety of weddings and particularly from weddings at the same time of year as your date.
  4. Every florist works differently so ensure that you are happy with how they work.  Some are more structured and some are a little more chilled.  It’s best you can find someone who matches your expectations so that both parties are comfortable.  Saves any hassle or disappointment on your wedding day.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

Any other useful tips?

It’s best to make sure that you are both on the same page about budget.  Tell your florist if you have a strict budget or if they have a play room.   Find out exactly what is includes in your pricing – the number of buttonholes, finishing touches, transport after the church etc.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

Don’t be afraid to try someone new.  Provided you have properly researched their work and feel the fit is right, it’s ok to use a different florist to your friends and family.  Don’t get me wrong, if you love someone’s work that you know then totally go with your gut and choose them.  I just like to give upcoming aspiring & innovative florists a chance too.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

Flowers from the season that your wedding is taking place can really impact on the overall look of your wedding.  Obviously it will give a more natural look and can also work out more cost effective.  The florist will keep you right and help guide you on the right path to making the right choice.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

If you have a very particular look in mind, be specific.  It can be hard to vocalise what you are envisaging so show examples to your florist.

Florists are creatives – they won’t necessarily want to simply replicate what examples that you bring along.  Be open-minded and listen to their judgement.  Allow them to use their knowledge and expertise to creative something amazing for your wedding.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists


Finally, book early!  Particularly if it your chosen florist is in demand.  The last thing you want is to find out they are already booked when you have fallen in love with their work.

Northern Ireland's Best Wedding Florists

Northern Ireland’s Best Wedding Florists – my favourites

The Flower Studio, Dungannon

Flowers by Arrangement, Dungannon

Petal Studio, Belfast

Fleuriste, Belfast

The Rosehip & Berry, Belfast

John Paul Florist, Derry

So that’s this week’s installment of my blog feature ‘How to Plan Your Wedding in 2018‘ done and dusted.  I hope you find this post on Northern Ireland’s Best Wedding Florists useful and will come back soon for my next post.   Am really looking forward to next week’s topic – Dress shopping!!

Have a great week and chat soon.

Love & light,

Catriona x

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