Plan your wedding in 2019

Plan Your Wedding in 2019

So you’ve said yes!  Welcome to the beginning of an amazing journey ahead.  It can be daunting so I’m here to support you and provide useful tips on how to plan your wedding in 2019.

Having photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, I’ve helped many couples plan their wedding. I’ve witnessed all the highs and lows involved and can assist you in avoiding the pitfalls that many couples fall into.  This blog post will guide you in the right direction to a stress-free & harmonious wedding.

Plan your wedding in 2019

Once the initial buzz of saying ‘I do’ dies down, it’s time to get things moving and plan ahead.  I’m sure a lot of couples recently popped the question at Christmas so now is the ideal time to kick start your wedding planning journey. 

It can be a little overwhelming at times – try to remember to breathe, take time for yourself as a couple away from all the hype and not loose sight of the most important thing.  Your love for each other …

Making Plans

I’m a bit of an organisational freak – there is nothing that floats my boat more than getting a new planner, a couple of coloured pens and some stickers before setting to work. However, I know that not everyone feels the same way about making lists and ticking them off. If you start off on the right foot, I promise you that you won’t look back. It really does reduce stress in the long run and once you get started, it’s a doddle. Store all your wedding ideas in one place – inspirational images, booking forms/contacts and receipts.

The key to any successful event is to plan ahead – it helps focus what you want to achieve, by when, what the budget is for all your different areas and who is responsible. It you prefer to do things online, then there are apps that you can do exactly the same thing. What’s important is that you have done the planning! Review often, set dates in your calendar to chase up actions and then check off when tasks are completed.

Take this Ring

After your have shared the good news with family & friends, get that ring insured!  With all the excitement it’s so easy to forget the basics.   

Plan Your Wedding in 2019

Picture This

I normally tell couples that it’s also a lovely time to plan an engagement session.  This is such a special time in your lives, why not document it and have treasured images of the next part of your journey together.

Engagement sessions can take place in a variety of locations – outdoors near your home at a rural spot you both love, at the coast, in an urban cityscape or maybe even where the proposal took place. The most important thing to remember is that we will have fun – I encourage couples to incorporate a hobby or interest into the session as it really personalises the shoot.

Plan your wedding in 2019

You can also use these images for ‘Save the Date’ cards, for your full Wedding invites or even to share at the reception with guests. 

Reason for the Season

Consider the time of year that you would like to get married. A lot of couples don’t think about the impact that it can have in a number of areas. It’s really important that you keep this in mind when you plan your wedding in 2019.

Winter weddings can be magical – snow covered fields, fur stoles, mulled wine, twinkling fairy lights and snuggly blankets.  They also come with their own challenges – difficult travel conditions, poor light, short days which leaves little time of photos outdoors using natural light and frozen toes!

As for summer weddings, where do you start?  Glorious sunsets, beach vibes, wild flower bouquets and outdoor ceremonies.  The reality can be somewhat different.  Sweating grooms in their suits, wasps in your bouquet, wilting flowers and melting cakes.  That’s if it doesn’t rain.

Every season has it’s positives and challenges.  Just don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t all go to plan.  The one thing we can’t control is the weather and particularly in this beautiful country of ours.   What we lack is glorious sunshine, we make up for with craic and fun.  Embrace the wind – it makes for some cracking photo opportunities.  Face the showers with wellies, umbrellas and a smile.  The key is to be prepared and go with the flow.

What’s important to you?

Every couple are unique and have things which matter more to them than others. For some, it’s all about the cars. They know that they definitely want a VW Beetle, 1969 Dodge General Lee or Aston Martin.

Plan your wedding in 2019
Star Car Hire – VW Campervan

For others, it’s the cake, the band or Photography. With this in mind, get the part that means the most to you organised & booked first. This will ensure that you don’t leave it too late and end up missing out on what you love. It also helps plan your budget as you can see how much of your overall funds you need to allocate and then organise the rest accordingly.

Plan Your wedding in 2019

When couples get in touch with me I always ask them this question as it helps me understand them and their wedding. I’m always hoping they say photography of course and thankfully most do. They recognise the importance of choosing a professional, experienced and fully insured photographer who can provide images they will love forever.

Love & Money

This can be a tough one as everyone has a different idea in mind of how much they want to spend on their wedding day.  It’s best if you can sit down some evening when you are both relaxed and have time to chat. 

Plan Your Wedding in 2019

Listen to what you partner has to say and calmly share your point of view. If you don’t initially agree on budget, don’t panic.  It will work out in the end once you get a chance to discuss all the areas on your list.

My final piece of advice would be this – please don’t leave yourselves in a pile of debt that you will spend the next 10 years paying off. I know it’s an important day but it’s just that. One day. You have the rest of your lives to make lots of amazing memories without breaking the bank.

It’s ok to say No

Perhaps the most valuable guidance I can gift to you when you plan your wedding in 2019 is to remember it’s your wedding day, no-one else’s. Family members & friends are all excited that you have said yes and will all offer their guidance & input.

That’s absolutely fine & dandy, so long as they know when to take a step back and not try and railroad you into making decisions that aren’t your own. I’ve heard from a variety of clients that they felt forced into choosing a certain make-up artist, florist or hair stylist because their sister or mummy said they should use them and really regretted their decision. Don’t make the same mistake as it’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime occasion.

Plan Your Wedding in 2019

Know your own mind. Choose wisely after researching what you like. Show your individuality. Keep it real and representative of who you are as a couple.

This is just the beginning of a very thrilling & exciting journey. Hopefully you have gained some useful advice to get you started and remember to visit again soon for further tips & guidance.

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